Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Post!

It's nice to write with the knowledge that other people may read what I write (even if I know that in reality I will likely be the only one reading this). I've never really liked writing, mostly because it was stuffed down my throat in school (and nobody enjoys having things stuffed down their throat). Once I finished school, I realized that I actually enjoy writing when writing about something I care about as opposed to what the sexual orientation of Hamlet's sister would have been (had he had a sister). This is the place I can write things that I don't mind sharing (i.e. not private). Also, it is a reliable means to store my writing (so long as google stays in business). As I've stated the purpose of this blog, I'll write some things about me another time. Let me just end with a funny story.

I am currently finishing up my 2nd year in Israel ("Shana Bet" for those who are inclined to call it that). While I was thinking of things to write about, I remembered this story. It was the sukkos before the US presidential election, and I was eating a meal at a family in Sanhedria Murchevet (better known to many as "where Sharfmans is"). When the election came up at the table, the host mentioned that he had seen a sign posted (in Hebrew) telling all Americans that it is forbidden to vote in the upcoming election. The reason (I assure you I could not make this stuff up): "The American elections use something called the Electoral College, and the Gedolim have come out very strongly against colleges". Hope you found that as funny as I did.