Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's been a while...

It has been an eternity since I wrote anything here, mostly because I'm lazy, and being creative enough to write requires more effort than I can ever seem to muster.
So when I saw bloggers in the Jewish blogosphere completing these eight sentences, I figured it would be a good excuse to make a post, since, after all, I hardly have to be creative; I only need to follow the template.
Here goes...

  1. I wish I could… see the truth with absolute clarity. I find my perspectives on so many social and religious issues riddled with doubt; I hear two sides to an issue, and they both sound logical and convincing, leaving me simply unable and unwilling to take sides.
  2. My biggest fear is… looking up at the ceiling in the hospital where I lay, dying, and wondering where the years went and how I failed to accomplish what I know I was capable of.
  3. I hate to… do laundry or clean the dishes. I clean my dishes before I make a meal in them.
  4. I love… making people happy by giving to them when they have no expectation of receiving from me. Nothing makes me feel happier than giving money or time to people who need it. Children are people, only without their flaws, and making a child smile or laugh can hardly be matched by any other experience.
  5. Today I will… play Chopin, and play it right.
  6. Yesterday I… promised to do today what should have been done the day before.
  7. My hair is… as I should strive to be: always growing.
  8. I will never… be cliche enough to end this post with "say never" (although, without this addendum, I would have unintentionally done so).